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At OCA we offer two kinds of services:

Financial Planning
Investment Management

The initial consultation is free for either type of client.
Also - our financial planning fees are waived or reduced for our investment management clients. 

Financial Planning:

In the case of financial planning, both one time and recurring relationships are offered.

In the one-time scenario, we will prepare a comprehensive financial plan that includes planning for all your major milestones in life, such as the education of your children and saving for retirement.

The recurring relationship involves planning, budgeting and other aspects of your financial health - including debt reduction and alternative investments. We will set up monthly or quarterly meetings to monitor your savings and expenses to ensure that you are on track to meet your goals.

Investment Management:

OCA offers two broad portfolio strategies:

Active portfolio Management: In an active portfolio, we invest in undervalued securities with an objective to generate alpha. Alpha is defined as the excess return over a broad market portfolio’s return. Such a portfolio will be less diversified and volatile.

Passive portfolio management: with hedging: In a passive portfolio, we strive to get broad market exposure using ETF’s that track S&P 500, Russell 2000 etc. The portfolio is hedged using option strategies like collars and puts to reduce the volatility. The allocation to cash is also actively managed. We use several macroeconomic indicators and market valuation metrics to adjust the cash allocation and hedging.

 We have different models based on age, risk tolerance and other client specific needs.

For portfolios that have assets of $500,000 or more, we also offer, tailor-made individualized portfolios.

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