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Over 100+ years, if you take any 20 year period, the stock market has performed better than cash, bonds, real estate and most other common forms of investment when taken as a class. In spite of this, due to stock market volatility, especially during severe market corrections such as the one that occurred after the "Internet bubble" burst in late 2000, or the more severe correction following the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the Great Recession that started in 2009, many of our clients are reluctant to invest in the stock market. They have held and continue to hold large sums of money in checking accounts yielding less than 0.5%, CDs yielding less than 2% (or even 1%) or whole life policies or annuities that are designed to grow at 3% or 4%. This means that their money is losing purchasing power over time due to inflation or compounding at highly inferior rates when compared to the stock market. For such clients, Oxford Chase Advisors can offer a good alternative. We are not 100% invested in stocks 100% of the time. However, over 95% of the time, 80% to 100% of our clients' money is invested in stocks of companies that have the potential to do much better than the S&P 500 over the long term. However, we cannot promise to beat the S&P 500 or any other index. In fact, we cannot promise even a 1% return.

We read a lot and think about your investments every day. We are keep up with world events, macro economic events, industry specific events and company specific events that have the potential to impair our clients' portfolios in the long run. We love doing this.
If all this sounds like something you find value in, invest with us.